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DAVID CURTIS  - Photography

I have long been fascinated by photography's power to bring alive the frozen moment. I first embraced the medium in my native London, before moving to the U.S. in the early 80's to

Photographer David Curtis

pursue new professional directions. Over two decades later I reconnected with the camera, focusing mainly on the push and pull of street life in Chicago and then New York. I then found myself becoming mesmerized by automobile reflections and how they can echo and transform the city's landscapes and rhythms. Entering a kind of dance, my body acts as an instrument at one with the camera, twisting and bending, my choreography reshaping the reflections so that the literal and other-worldly forms merge into a diaphanous, illusory universe. Later I photographed small town and suburban auto-reflections in the Hudson Valley and beyond. More recently, through my camera I have been exploring the often wondrous and mysterious shapes and textures of trees.


Originally from London, UK, I first embraced photography as an expressive medium in my late 20's, focusing mainly on cityscapes. Later I moved to New York City to produce educational television programming on PBS, and then onto the National Center for Supercomputing at the University of Illinois, where I directed multimedia communications and spearheaded educational technology outreach programs aimed at museums and schools.  Since returning to New York and reconnecting with photography, I have developed a varied body of work: street portraits, urban narratives, cityscapes, automobile reflections, tree lives, and more. A number of my images have been shown regionally & nationally.


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