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STAATS FASOLDT  - Watercolor

“My paintings are a mix of nature and my imagination. I love the quickness of the watercolor medium, done with a sense of urgency. Paintings using this medium must be done

Longreacharts watercolor painter Staats Fasoldt

within a certain period of time. The time it takes for a piece of rag paper to dry. You can work on it forever if you want to but that short pristine moment has a limited duration. I love watercolor’s unique transparency; there is nothing quite like it in other mediums, a near light feeling. “

My paintings are interpretations of nature that stress spontaneity and simplicity. I think paintings should be personal and show the marks of the human hand. I think the subject matter of a painting should be design itself”

Staats Fasoldt is a member of the Board of the Woodstock School of Art and has taught painting and drawing there for 35 years.

He is active member of the Woodstock Artist’s Association and currently is Vice President of The Board of Art Society of Kingston. He is a member of Longreach Arts, the Hudson Valley’s premier mobile Artists Co-op. 

  Staats has an MFA in painting from SUNY New Paltz and has had numerous one person and group exhibits. 

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