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CAROLE WOLF - Print & Mixed Media

As an art educator and visual artist, I have been truly immersed in the creative process – which has no beginning and no ending but allows one to enter into an altered 

Longreacharts print and mixed media artist Carole Wolfe

state of consciousness in order to bare one’s soul and uncover many inner layers of expression which are then communicated as powerful visual statements.


I was born in Brooklyn, New York and earned a master’s degree in art education from Queens College. I first taught art in high school and then moved to the Hudson Valley where I soon joined the visual arts faculty of Dutchess Community College for over 25 years. Many of my students have become my colleagues and I do believe that we are all students and all teachers. In addition, in 1981, I founded Mill Street Loft, a not-for-profit multi-arts educational center in Poughkeepsie, NY and served as its executive director through 2016.

I have also attended NYU as well as the Corcoran School of Art, in Washington, D.C. As an artist, my work has always been organic, and inspired by nature and the environment. I am particularly influenced by the abstract expressionist painters; Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline, Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock. My creative impulse is expressed with passion, gestures, and high energy, as it responds to the colors, shapes, forms, textures, and angles of what I see and feel.

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