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CLAUDIA GORMAN  - Photography

As Ansel Adams said,

"You don't take a photograph, you make it.”

At right: Claudia, aged five.

Claudia Gorman Photographer

Claudia Gorman embraced photography as an art form in the late 70’s. As a photographer, she believes the click of the shutter is the beginning of a visual journey. Creating the photographic print is as important as taking the picture. Gorman says the final image is all about her vision, moods and insight. Subtle manipulations in the film or digital darkroom, camera and film choices, as well as hand coloring B/W photographs and using alternative processes, are all tools she uses to create art. She uses conventional analog and digital cameras and also enjoys the effects she can get with Holga, Diana and pinhole cameras.

Gorman studied at the International Center of Photography in NYC and at the Center for Photography at Woodstock with mentors including Colleen Kenyon, Craig Barber, Sarah Charlesworth, George Tice and Ralph Gibson. Her fine art prints have been exhibited extensively for 30+ years in solo and group shows, in NYC as well as nationally including: SOHO Photo (NYC), Jeanie Tengelson Gallery (LI), Garrison Art Center, Unison Arts Center (New Paltz), Upstream Gallery (Hastings), as well as Palmer Gallery, Barrett Art Center and Transverse Gallery (Poughkeepsie). Her hand colored photographs were exhibited in Photofolies en Touraine at the Logis Royal castle outside of Paris, France.

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