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About LongReach Arts

Founded in 1982 as summergroup, the artists cooperative LongReach Arts remains an important part of the cultural life in the Hudson Valley Region.  In addition to achieving recognition as a group, individual member's works are well known in a broad area.  They are represented in both public and private collections in the United States, Europe and beyond.



Artist of the Month - Trina Greene


Trina Greene has a mythic eye. She see’s transformations, involutions and evolutions as life flows through nature and time. Her beautiful clay and bronze sculptures imagine a womb of nature, ever productive, overflowing.  Powerful works by an Artist waist deep in tribal seeing, she has a Shaman eye.

Trina is restless and fierce, moving from medium to medium with fluid skill and is wonderful at what she turns her hand to.
Her beautiful Jewelry made of found materials, can pop tops and wire made precious by Art Magic.  Her recent drawn Mandalas, that unfold themselves as the artist works; images from the inner eye.

There is always sculpture being made, recently public commissions, centering on local history; bronze larger than life work. Sojourner Truth in Port Ewen, The Poor house sculpture near the New Paltz fair grounds, a young Sojourner Truth at Suny New Paltz, if they let her put it up.

Today we present the newest  phase of her work, again found objects, but now plastic bits retrieved from packaging, small objects made monumental by the Sculptor's eyes and hands. Austere in her choices, these thrown away Lego colored forms left along the trails of our Consumer Society, made new by Trina's selection and arrangement.

Trina lives and works in New Paltz and is a graduate of the Boston Museum School of Fine Art.